Will developing AI make lawyers obsolete?

by Mar 20, 2023Office News

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made tremendous strides in recent years, with its ability to perform complex tasks that were once the sole domain of human beings. Many industries, including law, are exploring ways to integrate AI into their processes and procedures to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. However, the question of whether developments in AI will make lawyers obsolete in New Zealand remains a topic of debate.

AI has already made significant inroads into the legal profession in New Zealand. For example, AI-powered software can now perform tasks such as legal research, document analysis, and even drafting contracts. These technologies can help lawyers perform their work more quickly and accurately, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks that require human judgement and expertise.

Despite these advancements, it is unlikely that AI will make lawyers obsolete in New Zealand anytime soon. While AI can assist lawyers in performing certain tasks, it cannot replace the judgment and creativity that human lawyers bring to the table. Many legal tasks require not only the ability to analyse data and identify patterns but also to make complex judgments based on context, nuances, and legal precedent.

Moreover, AI technology is not yet advanced enough to fully replicate human thought processes. While AI can analyse large amounts of data quickly and accurately, it lacks the intuition and empathy required to fully understand the complexities of human relationships and emotions. This is particularly important in the legal profession, where lawyers often need to work with clients who are going through difficult situations, such as divorce or tying up affairs after a loved one passes away.

Furthermore, the legal profession in New Zealand is highly regulated, with strict ethical and professional standards. These standards ensure that lawyers provide quality advice and representation to their clients and that they act in their clients’ best interests. While AI can help lawyers perform certain tasks more efficiently, it cannot replace the professional judgment and ethical considerations that lawyers must consider in their work.

As AI technology continues to evolve, it will be essential for lawyers to stay up to date on new developments and to continue developing their skills to remain competitive in a rapidly changing legal landscape. So (even though this article was drafted by AI!) it seems lawyers won’t be replaced any time soon. If you would like to contact one of our human lawyers to help you, please get in touch with us at Gaze Burt.



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