Gaze Burt welcomes new director

by Apr 11, 2024Office News

We’re pleased to announce a new director appointment due to the merger of Thorne, Thorne, White and Clark-Walker into Gaze Burt. Anne Chamley, together with her father Jim Chamley and their team, has been providing legal services in Auckland for many years, forming solid relationships in the community and growing a reputation for providing high-quality legal services with care and understanding towards clients. Given that we share these values, we are delighted to continue to support Anne and Jim’s clients under the Gaze Burt banner. 

We hope that the service provided by Thorne, Thorne, White and Clark-Walker will be enhanced by new access to specialist legal areas such as employment and commercial law, and look forward to having Anne as an additional Gaze Burt director based at our Symonds St office. We’re looking forward to getting to know Anne and Jim’s clients, and to having the Thorne, Thorne, White and Clark-Walker staff on board, with all the experience and expertise they bring. Jim is to move on to a new season in life, and we wish him all the best in his retirement.

Anne’s clients can reach her at our Symonds St office, on 09 303 3764, or at



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