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Employment or immigration issue? Our specialists are here to help.

We understand the nature of employment relationships and the employment law principles providing the context in which these relationships operate. This means whether acting for an employer or employee, we take the time to listen to our clients’ needs and the goals they wish to achieve. We then provide solution focused advice consistent with employment law principles, while taking into account the unique nature of relationships and the particular needs and goals of each client.
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For employees

Having problems at work? Call us now.

Are you…

  • Stressed at work?
  • Dealing with workplace bullying?
  • Going through a performance management process?
  • Needing representation at a disciplinary meeting?
  • Being investigated?
  • Facing redundancy?
  • Needing advice on an employment agreement?

Our experienced team deals with people facing these issues all the time. We know how distressing a workplace issue can be, and we’re passionate about doing all we can to support our clients through this journey. Call for a chat and we’ll see how we can help.

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For employers

Solution focused advice.

We understand the nature of employment relationships and the legal and commercial contexts in which these need to operate.

Do you…

  • Need employment agreements or policies drafted?
  • Want to restructure your business?
  • Have a difficult or poorly performing employee?
  • Need advice on the disciplinary process and your obligations?
  • Have a personal grievance to deal with?
  • Need advice on restraints of trade?
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Your immigration question might be simple or complex – either way, we can help.

If you need advice or assistance with immigration issues, applying for accreditation, New Zealand residence, or a temporary visa, we are here. We’ve helped many individuals and families make their home in New Zealand over the years. We have team members who can assist fluent in Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Afrikaans.

  • Skilled migrants
  • Employer accreditation
  • Accredited employer work visas
  • Partnership visas
  • Investment and business visas
  • Deportation and section 61 requests
  • Appeals

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