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Gaze Burt’s roots go back to two law firms established in the 1920’s, whose Christian values continue in the current directors. That heritage, and the values shared by all our staff, underpin our desire to “see law differently”.
Gaze Burt client meeting

Why choose Gaze Burt?

We value relationships.

We care about our clients and our staff, and aim to live this out practically. For our clients, this means listening and understanding – about who you are and what your goals may be. We work together as a team to support our clients, treating them with courtesy and respect during our journey together. We have clients who have been with the firm over many generations – we love the continuity and depth of relationship this connection brings. We are conscious of the privileged role we have as your legal advisors, and take this responsibility very seriously.

Why choose Gaze Burt?

We value expertise and quality.

We provide quality advice and service. Training and developing our staff is a priority for us. Our specialist directors and senior staff have an exceptional level of expertise in their practice areas. You can be assured of accessing a technically excellent service at Gaze Burt.
Gaze Burt Albany office
Gaze Burt staff meeting

Why choose Gaze Burt?

We value justice and integrity.

All our staff agree to our values when joining Gaze Burt. We commit to doing what is right, speaking the truth, and being trustworthy. You can depend on our team to be open and transparent with you, and offer you the best advice for your situation. If you are seeking justice, you can trust us to support you wholeheartedly.


“I am so grateful for what you have done for me. You’ve said more and in better words than I could ever have dreamed of doing on my own… Thank you again, words will never communicate just how valuable what you’ve done is, but I count myself very blessed to have found someone so knowledgeable and understanding of my situation.”

“Gaze Burt is the best law firm that I have worked at… I love that the directors and staff are all friendly and respectful, and that there is very little sense of hierarchy.”
Staff member

“I cannot thank you enough for your genuine care and concern. Of course, your advice, that was so clear and effective.”
Employment law client

“Shelley has a calming yet confident presence during very difficult proceedings. We have built an honest, compassionate, reliable, professional, transparent, partnership over the years and the sound advice that Shelley provides is invaluable.”
S Campbell

“…I was confused at times, and you answered with patience and clarity… You answered my questions in a way that made me feel encouraged, and that I could trust your advice. Thank you so much for going the extra mile.”
Anne B

“The people are wonderful and really exemplify the firm’s values. It is one thing to have stated values but quite another to walk them, and I feel like we do this every day.”
Staff member


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Cross lease conversion

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