Franchising brings independent business owners into a relationship of interdependence – from which all can benefit.  It is a powerful way of doing business, but the same forces that make franchising great also create vulnerability and risk.  Over many years of experience, we have developed a highly-regarded understanding of franchising and the inter-personal relationships and commercial dynamics that franchising depends on.  We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to respond to the issues that arise.

Core Services:

New Franchisors

Feasibility assessment | Franchise business conceptualisation | Business structuring | Brand protection and intellectual property | Franchise Agreements and all other legal documentation | Plain English drafting | Referrals to leading consultants, accountants, bankers and other service providers | Training and supporting in-house counsel with business unit expansion via franchising

Established Franchisors

Commercial leasing | Managing franchise sales and re-sales to reduce risk | Ensuring robust legal documentation | Franchise system change management and restructuring | Franchisee compliance | Franchisee exits and terminations | Franchise system sale, merger and acquisition | Franchisor shareholder disputes

Franchisors Expanding Overseas

Feasibility assessment | Business structuring | Referrals to leading overseas lawyers and consultants

Franchisors Entering New Zealand

Adjusting legal documentation to suit NZ environment | Advising on NZ business law and conventions | Business structuring | Regular advisor to leading foreign law firms and their clients | Counsel to several multinational public companies

Franchisees Selling a Franchise

Ensuring compliance with your franchise agreement | Business sale agreements | Completing the business sale  | Advice on trade restraints

Franchisees Buying a Franchise

Assessing the franchise opportunity and the credibility of the franchisor | Advising on franchise agreements, leases and other legal contracts | Business purchase agreements | Business and personal asset structuring | Referrals to trusted banks and accountants | Completing the business purchase

Dispute Resolution

Risk assessment | Formulation and implementation of dispute resolution strategy | Alternative dispute resolution (in preference to litigation, wherever appropriate) | Litigation at all levels of NZ court system | ‘Class action’ style representation of multiple franchisees

Our expert team:

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