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December 21, 2020
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December 21, 2020
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I have been reflecting on 2020 as the year draws to a close. I had looked forward to 2020 with great hope. I now observe 2020 as being a year in which fear, anxiety, conflict, anger and division have manifested themselves in the community, the nation and around the globe. These elements have permeated all spheres of life including ecology, politics, races, socio-economic groups and personal relationships.

I then observed that in all of these circumstances there was at least one element of life that was lacking. In all of these circumstances there was an absence of peace.

We all know that in a positive sense peace is defined as coexisting in harmony, having an inner tranquility and a state of security. In the negative context peace occurs when there is an absence of conflict or disturbance.

“Shalom” is an important word in the Hebrew language. It is life as God originally intended. It is used in a number of contexts. It is commonly used as a greeting, a wish for peace. However the definition goes further, to a state of harmony, wholeness, welfare and tranquility.  It relates to every area of life. A blessing from God.

So where are the peacemakers? I note that we are not looking for peace lovers, peace seekers, peacekeepers, the peaceable or the pacifists. We need those who are prepared to proactively make peace.

So what does it look like to be a peacemaker?  I define a peacemaker as someone who is actively working towards bringing a relationship or set of circumstances to a point of harmony.

So why would you want to be a peacemaker?  Put in the negative, you would have no interest in this proposal if you were satisfied with the state our world.  I think most of us would like to see a greater sense of peace in our personal relations, community, nation and throughout the world.

How do we start to be a peacemaker?  Start with yourself.  Are there relationships that need to be reconciled?  Do you support or participate in social media platforms which cause deep divisions, anger and hatred?  Does your presence at your workplace enhance tranquility? How can you contribute to your community to bring harmony and security?  Are you prepared to support or advocate for a sustainable environment; for just legislation; or for a fair economy or society?

You need to affirm your identity and vocation.  You need to say “I am a peacemaker”.  You need to be assured that you can succeed.  The motivation for peacemaking is love.  We know that love conquers all.  You need to love yourself.  You need to love all objects of your peacemaking.

We at Gaze Burt, as part of our journey with you our clients, are peacemakers. For example as we serve you we aim to provide you with a sense of security. We want you to feel confident that your file is in competent and caring hands. If your file involves a dispute or you are experiencing a lack of justice, then we will actively advocate or negotiate on your behalf with the goal that on conclusion the result is fair and just and that you will gain a sense of peace.

I expect that as we all become peacemakers, 2021 will look so different to 2020.  Each of us will make a significant contribution to our world.  A contribution which will provide harmony, security and tranquility.

As we look forward to Christmas we at Gaze Burt encourage you to read the Christmas story regarding the birth of Christ.  It is through Christ’s life and death that has enabled us to experience perfect peace.

Wanted: Peacemakers.  Are you prepared to fill this position?

Michael Hockly, Chairman



Image by michel kwan from pixabay.com

Michael Hockly
Michael Hockly


  1. Ken Francis says:

    Nice, Michael.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for sharing this Michael

    Merry Christmas to you and all of the Gaze Burt team and their families

    Thank you once again for your support through 2020. Quite a year indeed!

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