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November 14, 2017
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Sox joined our CBD office early this year as our new receptionist, also providing secretarial support, particularly to the employment law team.

Sox came to us with a varied work history, bringing a wealth of life experience! She graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Studies from Auckland University of Technology, at that time taking a particular interest in media studies.  She then spent time living in Japan teaching English in Osaka via multimedia for two years. This was a fantastic experience for her as she was immersed in modern Japanese culture as well as history, and also had the opportunity to travel around other parts of Asia. After returning to Auckland, Sox went back for more study and gained a diploma in Production Design at South Seas Film and Television School.  She then taught makeup in intensive courses for two years at a makeup academy, to groups of up to sixteen students.  For many years afterwards, Sox freelanced in costume and makeup – exciting but often challenging.  During quiet patches in the film industry she would take on temping roles in administration and found her niche, settling into full time administrative work after having her daughter Ella. 

Sox enjoys helping people with their workload, and offering a welcoming environment to clients.  She finds everyone has a story to tell, and is always humbled by what she learns from the people around her.  Outside of work, Sox enjoys exploring Auckland with her family, entertainment, arts and culture, and online shopping.

Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes

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