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November 29, 2017
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November 29, 2017
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Gaze Burt welcomed Christopher as our newest law clerk to our CBD based litigation team early this year. Christopher was led to study law by his passion for advocacy, and graduated in September with a BA/LLB. Over the course of his degrees in philosophy, laws, politics and international relations, Christopher relished the opportunities to reflect on human nature and why people do what they do.

Christopher’s additional study at the Venn Foundation provided him with further context for understanding the broad themes of human ambition throughout the ages. He discovered a love of human culture and virtue ethics which has manifested in world travel, youth work, and rumination on the state of civic affairs in New Zealand.

In his practice at Gaze Burt, Christopher has thrived on the blend of diplomacy and creativity litigation provides. He finds problem solving in a relational and professional context highly rewarding.

Christopher anticipates admission to the bar in February next year, and is currently celebrating his recent engagement to fiancé Kimberley.

Beyond work, Christopher loves snowboarding, poetry, the outdoors, and strategizing entrepreneurial ideas with like-minded friends.


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