Mauricio Kimura

Mauricio Kimura


Bachelor of Laws from the School of Law in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil

Master of Laws – George Washington University Law School – Washington DC, USA

MBA from Getulio Vargas Foundation – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bachelor of Laws from the University of Auckland

Mauricio Kimura is an accomplished legal professional with a combined background in law and business. Having spent numerous years as in-house counsel and in law firms, he gained a comprehensive understanding from both sides of the legal spectrum.

With over 25 years of legal experience overseas, Mauricio has become a trusted advisor for Brazilian expatriates, specializing in addressing their legal issues. His expertise spans various domains, including commercial law, contracts, employment, and litigation.

“I believe in the power of truly listening, understanding that there’s more to uncover beyond spoken words. I am dedicated to finding creative solutions that go beyond the surface, ensuring the best outcomes for my clients.”

Outside of work, he engages in amateur judo both in teaching and practicing, finds solace in reading interesting book, and enjoys surfing. Mauricio cherishes moments with his wife and three young boys, emphasizing the importance of balancing work and family in his life. Mauricio’s dedication to his profession and his diverse interests outside of work brings a holistic perspective to both his legal practice and personal life. Mauricio is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and happy to assist clients speaking these languages.