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November 29, 2017
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As I have journeyed through life, I have become more aware of travelling through various seasons and experiencing significant milestones at either the beginning or the end of the season. Milestones give us an opportunity to look forward to the hope of a new season, or look back, and celebrate a season just completed.

Throughout this year, we at Gaze Burt have had the opportunity of celebrating certain milestones which signify the beginning or end of a season in the lives of a number of our team. In November we celebrated Pranita Reddy’s 30th anniversary working at Gaze Burt. A highly competent personal assistant, Pranita has ably supported various partners over this time, a number of whom have now retired!  We look forward to Pranita continuing to be part of the team as she now enters her fourth decade of service.

With the size of team at Gaze Burt, it is inevitable that Cupid will be active in the lives of one or more individual team members. Over the last year we’ve had two weddings! Nathan Tetzlaff (associate, civil litigation) to Adele, and just last month Rebecca Kroeze (associate, family law) to Paul. Most recently, Christopher Barry (legal clerk, civil litigation) announced his engagement to Kimberley. We’ve been so pleased to celebrate these milestones as these team members enter into new seasons.

On a more macro level, we at the firm have had a productive and challenging year, and we are grateful for the ongoing loyal support of so many clients. Thank you for making 2017 a very satisfying year as we continue to serve you. 2017 also marked 30 years since the establishment of Gaze Burt through the 1987 merger of Burt, Moodie, Goold and Francis, and Gaze, Bond, Munn and Allen.  Both firms were founded in the 1920s by their respective principals, Noel Gaze and Jim Burt. We believe that they would still recognise Gaze Burt today, not just because it bears their names some 90 years later, but because of its ethos – our partners and staff continue to strive to see law differently. It’s been a good season!

Finding ourselves in the month of December, we’re now looking forward to celebrating the Christmas season. Christmas provides an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the Christian message of hope and reconciliation initiated with the birth of Christ – a message to a world in need. We hope that as a result of this message you will in twelve months’ time be able to confidently consider that 2018 has been a good season.

With best wishes

 Michael Hockly, Chairman, and the team at Gaze Burt

Michael Hockly
Michael Hockly

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