Happy Christmas – really!

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December 5, 2018
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December 5, 2018
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Happy Christmas – really!

As we draw close to the Christmas season we regularly wish others “Happy” or “Merry Christmas”. Despite our good intentions, I wonder what we really mean when we communicate those wishes. And what does the recipient of those wishes expect?

A recent National Geographic article was entitled “ The World’s Happiest Places”. That caught my eye. What does happy mean? The article had an emphasis on “joy”,  “contentment”, “pleasure” and ”satisfaction”. They are deep rooted attitudes… so what causes joy, contentment, pleasure and satisfaction?

The article stated that researchers who publish the annual world happiness report found that about three quarters of human happiness is driven by six factors: strong economic growth, healthy life, quality social relationships, generosity, trust, and freedom to live the life that is right for you.

These factors do not materialise by chance. They are intimately related to their environment. Happy places, whether they be in family, at work or in the community, incubate happiness in their people. A happy environment should constantly nudge us into behaviours that favour long-term wellbeing.

The article illustrated three different strands of happiness that braided together in complimentary ways create lasting joy. The strands were described as pleasure, purpose or pride (I prefer the words dignity or self-respect with regard to the last strand).

I then reflected on the environment that we have created at Gaze Burt – the environment for both our team at the firm, and for you, our clients, whom we serve.

Our purpose is to serve you by providing excellent legal services through the matrix of our Christian values. Both you and our team are treated in such a way that individual self-respect and dignity are enhanced. These actions and attitudes provide us with  delight and pleasure as we serve you.

We can confidently state that at Gaze Burt we understand and experience pleasure, contentment and joy. All synonyms for happiness.

As we draw close to Christmas, to a time when we celebrate the birth of Christ, the saviour of the world, we wish that you will experience true happiness and joy. We also hope that throughout 2019 you will express and contribute to the six factors that incubate happiness in your family, work place and community.

So we confidently wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Michael Hockly
Michael Hockly

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