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March 19, 2012
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October 10, 2013
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Attendees at Gaze Burt’s recent employment and consumer law seminar reported that the material was very helpful and well presented.

New partner Daniel Smith discussed upcoming changes to consumer law, particularly in the areas of unsubstantiated representations and unfair contract terms.  Both issues have wide application to business owners, who would be wise to review their current contracts and practices to ensure compliance with the new regime.

Associate Nathan Tetzlaff provided material on recent updates to employment law and walked attendees through the process of dealing with employee disciplinary issues.  He revealed a number of practical issues employers must factor into their decision-making, to reduce the risk of a personal grievance claim and minimise the potential cost to the business of taking disciplinary action.  He also answered a wide range of questions from those present.

Anyone wanting to discuss these issues further can contact Daniel or Nathan on 09 414 9800 or email them or

Tina Luff
Tina Luff
Legal Executive

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