At Gaze Burt, we’re always trying to innovate to keep things easy for our clients (and the environment!). Here’s an update on a few initiatives implemented this past year…


Since anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) legislation was extended to lawyers last year, clients have been obligated to provide more information to prove their identity and address (and even the source of their money in some cases). Gathering documentation together can be time consuming and onerous. Gaze Burt has now implemented Cloudcheck, an online platform which allows our clients to verify their identity (in most cases without even coming into the office!). This will make compliance with AML/CFT much easier for our clients.

Fixed fees

From April this year we made the decision to move to a fixed-fee model rather than using hourly rates like most lawyers. We want to offer our clients certainty around how much they will be paying for their legal services. Feedback from our clients has been that they appreciate knowing from the outset how much a matter is likely to cost them. We think this gives us a great point of difference to other firms and supports our goal to provide exceptional care towards clients.


Our offices now work exclusively with electronic files, reducing our use of paper and our wastage considerably. We’re happy to be able to reduce our impact on the planet in this way.

Automation and workflows

In the background, our IT-savvy team is working on refining processes to make sure your matters can be taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. This keeps the costs down for our clients and means a faster turnaround.

Video conferencing

Our use of video conferencing via Zoom, Skype and FaceTime is increasing as we endeavour to make meetings easier for our busy clients. Let us know if you’d prefer to meet via video conference – in some instances we can also manage signing of documents remotely and/or via witnessing signing over a video link.

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