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We understand the nature of employment relationships and the employment law principles providing the context in which these relationships operate. This means whether acting for an employer or employee, we take the time to listen to our clients’ needs and the goals they wish to achieve. We then provide solution focused advice consistent with employment law principles, while taking into account the unique nature of relationships and the particular needs and goals of each client.

Do you…

  • Need employment agreements or policies drafted?
  • Want to restructure your business?
  • Have difficult or poorly performing employees?
  • Need advice on the disciplinary process and your obligations?
  • Have a personal grievance to deal with?
  • Need advice on restraints of trade?

We have specialist experience in acting for employers – employment director Shelley Eden is happy to be contacted anytime on 09 303 3764 ext 216 to assist you with any of these issues – or any other problem you are facing in your business.

We issue regular updates on employment matters – you can read these here or sign up to our mailing list below.

Frequently asked questions – employers

How much do you charge?

There is no cost for our initial consultation with you. All of our employment work is undertaken on a fixed fee basis, which means we discuss the fee with you so you know up front what the fee will be – and then we make sure that we don’t charge you anymore that our agreed fixed fee.

Who do you act for?

We act for employers of all sizes and across all sorts of different industries. We make sure to tailor our services tot he resources and requirements of each individual employer.

What services do you provide?

We act for employers on a range of employment issues. We regularly represent clients in disputes, as well as providing advice on non-contentious employment issues.

What’s your approach?

We are committed to honest advice about your situation. Our focus is on achieving the best result for our clients, ensuring that we take a practical approach – because ultimately we don’t want our clients to incur unnecessary legal costs.

How do I make an appointment?

Contact one of our team below to make a time to see us at our North Shore or CBD office.

Our expert team

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