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Ben joined us here at Gaze Burt on a casual basis over a year ago, assisting in our trust service and with other administrative tasks while he finished his legal study at AUT. He’s now working as a graduate in our employment and trust teams.

As one of four brothers, Ben was trained from a young age in getting his point across and resolving disagreements. He loves getting to know people and any opportunities that allow him to help in a practical, meaningful way.

Ben had known of Gaze Burt long before joining us, through church connections and family. Although he had experience in internships at other firms, as a Bible believing Christian, Ben was determined to work in a way that actively applies the their values into every aspect of work. We’re pleased to say that this has been his experience at Gaze Burt.

Ben’s favorite part of his job is the satisfaction of taking a task with a client right the way through each step from start to finish and ticking it off. He’s “…still finding my feet in the legal field, so over the next few years I want to find a place where I fit long-term in an area that I can specialise in, whether that’s trusts, employment, or something new that I find along the way!”.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys playing guitar, and singing recreationally and leading for church. He also loves tramping around New Zealand’s great walks, especially those with waterfalls. He participates in any kind of sport he can, including football and archery.

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