Are You Hopeful, Hopeless or Somewhere in Between?

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December 21, 2021
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December 21, 2021
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For most of us 2021 has been a year of waiting. Waiting for the government to reduce the Covid 19 Alert Levels. Waiting for the number of new Covid 19 cases in the community to reduce. Waiting for the time when we can have the freedom to travel to visit loved ones. Waiting for the time when we can once again meet with our friends and colleagues and enjoy the face-to-face fellowship, the banter and share concerns.

As we have waited we have either consciously or unconsciously expressed hope and sometimes hopelessness. Often we have uttered a sentence beginning with the phrase “I hope…”. Hope and its antithesis hopelessness have this year become part of the national psyche. So what is hope?

Hope is a desire for something and a confidence in the possibility of its fulfilment.

As a nation we have good reason to be hopeful. We have a strong sense of security. We have a strong individualistic streak that underpins our culture. The do it yourself spirit encourages self-reliance, inventiveness and bravery. But has Covid 19 and the Delta variant undermined our hopefulness?

My family and friends would describe me as someone whose glass is always half full and who wears rose tinted glasses. However there have been times this year when I have started to move along the spectrum from hopeful towards hopeless. I began to lose patience with the lack of freedoms that I had taken for granted and knew were enshrined in our New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

Then I checked myself. This will all end. History teaches us that the human race will survive another pandemic. Innovative New Zealanders will once again put in place processes, technology and structures that will restore us to a relatively free life. Martin Luther King Jnr once stated, “ We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope”.

For us at Gaze Burt we have over the last year innovated processes and technology that have allowed us to serve our clients to at least the same standard of service prior to Covid 19. Although most of us continue to work from home we have been innovative in the way we care for our team who are spread throughout the city.

For these reasons I have confidence that my hope for freedom will be fulfilled. I am hopeful. I challenge you to look for indicators, whether it be history, political imperatives or advances in science that will provide you with hope that your desires will be fulfilled.

The directors of Gaze Burt and many of you have an even greater reason for being hopeful. Each of our directors live a life based on a relationship with the living God, the creator and sustainer of this world. The directors have a confidence based on God’s provision for them in accordance with biblical promises. For example Christ stated “I came that you may have life, life in its abundance”. How can we not be full of hope with God’s promises? Over time God has proven to faithfully fulfil his promises.

We have now entered the Advent season. A time to reflect on God’s gift to the world, that is his son Jesus Christ. It is through his son’s life on earth that we have the hope of peace, joy and an abundant life. As we draw near to Christmas Day I challenge you to reflect on the birth, life and death of Christ. It is through Christ that we can have an even greater confidence in the future. It is through him that our life can be full of hope.

There is no reason for sustained hopelessness. We are able and should move along the spectrum to the point where like me, you are full of hope. On behalf of all the team at Gaze Burt I wish that your 2022 will be full of hope.

Michael Hockly
Michael Hockly


  1. Ken Francis says:

    Good word, Michael. Thanks for your forthright position of faith and faithfulness. And hope, of course!

  2. Neil Evans says:

    Great message Mike. The community is certainly lacking hope at this time. Yes let’s remain a people of hope.

  3. David Jhinku says:

    Thank you Michael for your faith and hope in the resurrected and living God, Jesus Christ. The only hope and salvation for all who believe. May he continue to bless you and the Gaze Burt Family and grant you all peace, joy, happiness, health and prosperity in the new year. On behalf of my family I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  4. David Burt says:

    Yes, Indeed. Such positive words, Mike. And based on a firm foundation.

  5. David Lawson says:

    Thank you Michael, God is faithful.

  6. Fay Barker says:

    Thank you, Michael. I value very much being a client of a firm led by people who clearly express faith in Christ. Much appreciation.

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