Gaze Burt’s roots go back to two law firms established in the 1920’s, whose Christian heritage continues in the current directors. That heritage, and the values shared by all our staff, underpin our desire to “see law differently”.

We are privileged to serve a rich diversity of individuals, businesses and not­ for ­profit organisations. Many of our clients are outstanding leaders, personally and in their business endeavours. The same can be said about our directors and staff. When you work with Gaze Burt, here’s what you can expect:


We will give an honest assessment of your situation, even if it means we get less work, because an honest approach from the start is the basis of any long term relationship.


We will give practical advice and assistance based on a detailed ‘big picture’ understanding of your needs now and in the future.


We will seek to build up rather than destroy, looking for constructive win/win solutions wherever possible (recognising that sometimes they just aren’t possible).


We will do what’s right, regardless of the outside pressures that might come to bear on any case.


We strive after, and encourage our clients to strive after, personal and business responsibility and leadership.


We will always look for ways to do things better, because the search for continuous improvement drives our business and keeps our clients coming back to us.


You will have a great team of talented people looking after your interests, enthusiastic in the practise of law, and specialised in their field.